Yadhira Carrillo rejected the proposal to become “the second Salma Hayek”

The television star revealed that 20 years ago she turned down the proposal to work in Hollywood

Yadhira Carillo is one of the most recognized actresses in Mexico thanks to her participation in successful Televisa soap operas, for which she has come to stand out, receiving important opportunities to project her career internationally in Hollywood, as she recently confessed during a broadcast on I live with his fans.

It was on the YouTube channel Tlnovelas, where the television star revealed that 20 years ago he received an important proposal from a renowned American film director, however, because he had one of his most important projects on the horizon with producer Ernesto Alonso had to turn down the opportunity to become the second Salma Hayek .

“ A person named Robert Rodríguez called me exactly 20 years ago and I was about to do the novel with Mr. Ernesto Alonso , he told me that he had made the first Salma Hayek film and I want you to be my second Salma Hayek. So he said: ‘I want you to be the next to venture into Hollywood because your personality and your Latino features and your way of acting I like a lot, I want to invite you to make this my second film and after here I am sure that you will no longer to be able to return to Mexico because your career is going to be there, ‘ ”she recalled.

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He also explained that he did the casting with Rodríguez , but Mr. Ernesto Alonso warned him that it would be impossible to make the telenovela and give him the time to film the film, so it was probably not the time since he also had other impediments:

“ I was not prepared to have perfect English and go there. It was my moment here in the soap operas, they invited me to do theater, to do things on the radio, there was a lot to do in Mexico. But maybe if Mr. Ernesto Alonso hadn’t had me, I don’t know what would have happened, “he said.

As if this were not enough, the telenovela protagonist assured that she also received another important proposal to give life to the character that Britney Spears played :

“ Jaime Camil spoke to me, he said: ‘I’m doing the series The Virgin’, do you remember? … Jane, three years ago or something like that, said: ‘Yadhira we want you to come and work on this project … can you? She shared.

Despite being a great opportunity, he had to reject the offer again due to lack of time, since at that time he was in charge of his companies: “I told him ‘I can’t at the moment, I have many work commitments here. and for me it is impossible to do it . ‘ There was a very good second chance to leave. She told me that Britney Spears wanted that character, we talked about it, it would have been fantastic to be able to do it, ”she finally recalled that, although she was no longer doing soap operas, she was already married.

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