Woman accused of allowing her partner to abuse her own daughter

The little girl is only 10 years old, she told everything they had done to her

Angélica “N” mother of a girl was linked to a process for child sexual abuse and domestic violence , after allowing the girl to be raped by a man in the Arenales Tapatíos neighborhood , in Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco in Mexico .

According to the investigations, Angelica “N” wanted to give a child to her sentimental partner, but could not because she was operated, she asked her ten-year-old daughter to lend her the womb.

The girl refused to be a mother, so the accused allowed her romantic partner to sexually abuse the minor.

According to the authorities, the little girl told her aunt what happened, who filed a complaint with the Jalisco Attorney General’s Office for which the sex offender was arrested.

Now the girl’s mother is awaiting sentencing after the events recorded on September 22, 2014 inside a farm located in the Arenales Tapatíos neighborhood.

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