Without a bra and in a transparent dress, Karol G shakes her hips and shares her hottest photo

The video for “Bichota” , Karol G’s new single , has been a success, since in just one day it has already had more than five million views on YouTube . But with this, the singer has returned more sensual than ever, and has shown it in her recent Instagram posts .


The Colombian reggaeton published several hot images from the filming of the clip in which she is not wearing a bra, wearing a red thong and a transparent purple dress. The photos have been among the most popular he has shared on that social network, since they already exceed three million likes .’


The sexy in Karol G’s new look has enchanted her fans, but it is something that she shows proudly, and she reflected it in the message she wrote: “Sexuality is something natural for women, for human beings… It is something that comes inside, Personal and intimate 🌹 Malice is what makes clean things dirty. When I feel beautiful, sexy, powerful, I look for a way to express it and I feel free to do it. I’m not ashamed, I AM EMPOWERED! 🔥 “

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