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Armando Manzanero He was one of the most successful and well-known Mexican composers worldwide. His songs were performed by artists of the stature of Alejandro Sanz, Tony Bennett and Miguel Bosé, among many others. Here we present his most popular classics, with which the legend of the great singer-songwriter begins.

Are we a couple

At the concerts of Armando Manzanero He could not miss this ballad, which became one of his first great classics. Although an English version was made entitled “It’s impossible”, all the artists prefer to sing it in Spanish, among them Christina Aguilera and Andrea Bocelli.

I don’t know about you

Manzanero’s romanticism was present in each one of his songs, in which he managed to perfectly fuse lyrics and music; with “I don’t know about you” the singer reached a new generation of fans thanks to his version of the song Luis Miguel for his 1991 album Romance, produced by Armando.

This afternoon I saw it rain

Roberto Carlos and the trio The Panchos they never hid their taste for this song, an extraordinary bolero that Armando Manzanero performed in concert in many countries. Your son Juan Pablo Manzanero in 1991 he recorded a dance version, with which he verified that his father’s music was adaptable to all styles.

I learned with you

Armando Manzanero He always felt more comfortable playing his songs on the piano, and this ballad, which all romantics like, was a favorite on the tours he did with the singer Susana zabaleta, with whom he had a great friendship.

When I’m with you

The talent of Armando Manzanero it was such that when his boleros were performed in an instrumental version they could be easily identified by the public. “When I’m with you” is one of the favorite songs of Jorge Muniz and Carlos Cuevas, two great admirers of the musician.


This topic is one of the best known of Armando Manzanero in Mexico, especially for the version of northern cumbia that the group made Bronco in the nineties. Although strong in character, the musician had many funny moments and was open to all the proposals that other artists made to cover their classics.

Nothing personal

The music of Armando Manzanero it is universal and timeless; in 1996 he did not hesitate to write this ballad to be the subject of the telenovela “Nothing personal”, which was very successful in Mexico. Sung a duet with Lisset, “Nothing personal” it became one of the last classics of the teacher.

Armando Manzanero died of COVID-19


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