Volvo V90 T6 R Design: luxurious but understated

The wide range of utility vehicles makes the road difficult for this ‘wagon’

The V90 T6 R Design is a ‘station wagon’, a model much appreciated a few decades ago for its space and functionality but now relegated in the US to the dominance of more robust and bulky SUVs.

It resulted from the logical extension of a sedan in search of more space and families around the world adopted it without much thought. In Europe they are called combis and they are still widely used for their practicality. Not so in the US where only some brands offer them.

The point with this T6 is that contrary to others, (I especially remember a Renault TL 18 whose tail slid at ease) its maneuverability is not the best and it feels heavy when cornering, as if it were a car. of greater proportions.

It is classic if that is your style and it comes with driving aids very similar to any Volvo sedan or utility, such as the CX (40, 60 or 90) more competitive for this market.

Its price starts at $ 57,000 but the model we drive costs around 69,000, which places it in a luxury range like all the accessories it offers, from crossing alert, blind spot monitor and extra comfortable expandable seats.

Bring in a super turbo two-liter engine and four-wheel drive, then you can’t complain about the thrust. And both its headlights, bumper and 19 ′ aluminum wheels give it a more updated touch. Its wide panoramic makes it look more spacious and bright.

Its luxurious interior comes in Napa leather sewn to perfection, it is wide in its line of rear seats and its fifth door has automatic opening and closing, welcome when loading the packages, which are also covered with an automatic lid that is active when closed.

Its dashboard, from where you set its dual temperature, its driving modes and its sound equipment, is wide and tactile, but like in other Volvos it is not the friendliest in our opinion.

It is difficult to recommend a ‘wagon against the great supply of SUVs today; even Volvo itself has taken it upon itself to colonize the market with new high-demand utility vehicles, which is to its detriment, especially if it is not a car that stands out for its handling.

Here, with the money in the pocket, the buyer is someone looking for a discreet but elegant and efficient car, in a very unique package and a classic touch of refinement.

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