Video: This is one of the most luxurious drug cemeteries in the world

No, it is not a luxurious subdivision to live, if not graves where the remains of powerful drug traffickers and their families rest.

On the occasion of the Day of the Dead in Mexico, the way in which drug traffickers venerate their deceased has aroused curiosity , and in the state of Sinaloa there is one of the most ostentatious cemeteries in the world where many of the remains of relatives and drug lords are found. wealthier.

Proof of this is this video that recently began to circulate on social networks where the luxury with which the sites are built where people who have been related to organized crime rest for eternity can be appreciated.

The place is even compared to a subdivision but it is nothing more than a place where nothing lives but bones, ashes or embalmed remains.

To tell different reports, the value of the place where the remains of some narcos exceeds the million of dollars , as some even have air conditioning , bathrooms , 24 hour security and multiple rooms.

In this season it is usually crowded with visitors but as a result of the restrictions due to coronavirus or COVID-19 it is expected that fewer people will come to visit their dead , and not because they respect the requests of the authorities, but because if they do not they are afraid of the law, yes of the dangerous virus that has claimed the lives of thousands of people around the world .

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