VIDEO: Mexican news anchor killed with 11 bullets; this is the crime scene

The hit men shot the young driver 11 times

Arturo Alba Medina , host of the nightly newscast of Multimedios Channel 6 in Ciudad Juárez , was murdered inside his vehicle, confirmed the Attorney General of Chihuahua in Mexico .

The first signs suggest that at least two people participated in the crime that occurred on Thursday, said the prosecutor César Augusto Peniche .

” It was an assault gun shots fire , you assume that participated in this attack more than one person, are data that have to corroborate research that we have to make” he said.

Peniche explained that on Thursday, around 9:50 p.m. (local time), they received a call to report an attack that occurred in the Hidalgo neighborhood .

The driver was killed when he was driving a Dodge vehicle between Tepeyac and Uruguay streets .

On the day of his murder, during the newscast, Medina reported a confrontation between state agents and alleged members of a criminal group in Buenaventura .

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Javier Corral , governor of Chihuahua , condemned the murder and affirmed that justice will be done.

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