VIDEO: Family assaults doctors and guards while demanding medical attention | The State

Moment of the attack on medical personnel and guards in the hospital.

Photo: Video Capture Alex60628139 / Courtesy

In the midst of the health crisis due to the second outbreak of coronavirus, COVID-19, the medical and surveillance staff of the Regional Hospital of the municipality of Tzompantepec, in the state of Tlaxcala, was beaten up by a patient and his relatives.

The events occurred when two people entered and requested, in a hostile manner, immediate medical attention, according to the state Health Secretariat.

Given this, an element of Private security, identified as JoséN“He asked people to lower their voices, but they began to beat him, so three more guards intervened to calm the aggressors.

In videos that circulate on social networks, mens and women fighting with blows with the four guards of the hospital.

One of the elements of private security was assaulted and thrown to the floor by two men, then a woman approached and, between the three of them, they punched him, kicked him and even threw a chair on his head, for which he was hospitalized and due to a moderate head injury.

In the middle of the pitched battle, one of the doctors he intervened to support a young man and prevent the aggressions from continuing.

The video was allegedly recorded by another doctor who approaches the patient’s mother and reproaches her: “I am the doctor and her husband even attacked me, we are taking care of her son, and what does he do? He wants to attack me, so he calms down, his son is being treated ”, he commented while the woman covers her face with her hands.

For its part the State General Attorney of Justice of Tlaxcala reported that he initiated an investigation into the attacks registered at the hospital.

The agency detailed that the investigation is for the crime of injuries and those resulting from the aggression against a private security element that presents trauma cranioencephalic moderate.

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