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Repression often brings corruption.

Border Patrol Agents Those who have succumbed to the temptation to allow themselves to be corrupted by the Mexican cartels are among the great beneficiaries of the border closure ordered by President Donald Trump, seeing that the bribes they receive have doubled.

According to a report published this Tuesday by the Business Insider media, little has changed with the increased presence of agents in the border area, the construction of the wall and the use of new technologies, since the illicit trafficking of drugs and people continues, although the cartels must now pay much more so that the corrupt uniformed soldiers look the other way or give them key information.

“We used to pay no more than $ 5,000 to a single agent a month or every two months, but now we are paying double that each month for one of the ‘Migra’ (border agent) to provide information,” he told the media. a woman from a cartel in El Paso.

In the opinion of David Jancsics, professor at San Diego State University and author of the 2020 report “Corruption on the border between the United States and Mexico”, the tightening of controls has led to an increase in corruption cases.

The Jancsics report estimates that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) workers accepted $ 15 million in bribes over a period of 10 years, picks up the Insider.

Despite the million-dollar investment made by the Government in the construction of the border fence and the personnel deployed in the region, the seizures in fiscal year 2020 by agents of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of heroin, Methamphetamine and fentanyl have seen notable increases, while those of cocaine and marijuana have declined.

As for the illegal crossing of immigrants, the numbers have seen ups and downs during the term of President Trump. If in his first year in the White House (2017) 415,000 illegal immigrants were arrested, the following two years the figures were 521,000 and 977,000, to drop again to 458,000 in the last fiscal year, especially due to the incidence of the covid-19 pandemic, which retracted many migrants.

Since Trump took office in January 2017, corruption cases among border agents have risen and there were 286 arrests for these reasons during fiscal year 2018, according to a report from the federal agency.

Jenn Budd, former Border Patrol agent in San Diego, quoted by the media, ensures that the arrival of the Republican to power “has empowered corrupt agents.”

“They feel that Trump is one of them and they can do whatever they want,” he said.


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