Trump Says He Can’t Remember The Last Time He Tested Negative Before Debate With Biden

The President also refuses to change his position on the mask, despite the fact that scientific evidence supports that they save lives.

President Donald Trump said Thursday during a live forum with voters that he feels “good” after testing positive for coronavirus two weeks ago. However, he did not answer with certainty the question about whether he had tested negative before the first presidential debate in which he faced the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden .

To the question about when the last COVID test had been carried out to comply with the requirements of the National Commission for Presidential Debates, the president replied that “I probably did and I probably gave negative the day before .

But Trump was not clear, despite the insistence of the moderator, Savannah Guthrie. “Possibly I did, possibly not,” replied the president, who preferred to leave the answer in the air . He did add that he has no symptoms.

” I feel good . I went to North Carolina today. A great rally with a great attendance. I feel very good. Florida, Pennsylvania, we are everywhere. It’s been great, ”Trump said.

Trump admitted that, on the contrary, he did not feel very well after contracting the coronavirus . “I didn’t feel strong. I had a little fever, “he said.

The first questions from the public to the president addressed precisely the issue of the coronavirus. One of the voters in the public asked the president if he had changed his position on the use of masks. At this point, Trump hinted that covering one’s face is not as effective, even though science has shown it saves lives .

Trump said that 85% of people who wear face masks contract the coronavirus. But the claim is false. The study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) network from which the president took the percentage was not designed to answer questions about the use of a mask, as one of the authors, Christopher Lindsell, told CNN .

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