Trump does not award victory to Biden despite exceeding 270 required electoral votes

Shortly before noon on Saturday, the US media reported that the Democrat had more than the 270 minimum electoral votes necessary to become the new president.

President Donald Trump insisted, through a press release, that he will continue in the battle to stay in the presidential seat despite the fact that most of the US media declared the Democrat Joe Biden victorious shortly before noon on Saturday.

“Starting on Monday, our campaign will begin the litigation of our case in the Court to ensure that the electoral laws are fully respected and the legitimate winner is positioned,” said the president who again referred without evidence to an alleged fraud in the elections.

“Americans deserve an honest choice: that means all legal ballots, and not counting illegal ballots.┬áThis is the only way to ensure that people have complete confidence in our choice, “said the magnate.

In Trump’s opinion, “the election is far from over.”

One of Donald Trump’s lawyers, Rudolph Giuliani,┬áled a press conference without the Republican candidate’s presence around the same time that several US media projected the victory of his Democratic rival Joe Biden, to insist that authorities must inspect each election piece by mail before declaring a winner.

Shortly after 11 am this Saturday, media such as CBS, CNN and the AP agency reported that Biden had 273 electoral votes for the advance in the key state of Pennsylvania. The Democrat led the count in three other states: Nevada, Georgia and Arizona.

The minimum number required for the Presidency of the United States is 270 votes of Electoral College delegates.

Biden goes for the 284 delegates.

At around 12 noon, President-elect Joe Biden led Trump with 284 delegates versus 214, surpassing half of the Electoral College’s 538 votes plus one.

Trump’s lawyers had announced the conference for 11:30 a.m.ET in Philadelphia, where votes are still being counted.

On Twitter, the president had announced that there will be a “great press conference” in Philadelphia at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which is a landscaping company.

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