Trump announces that he has “fired” the chief of cybersecurity, who said the elections were safe

The president continues to carry out a post-election purge of the main National Security positions

President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Tuesday that he had fired cybersecurity chief Christopher Krebs , who led the election protection against foreign interference and fraud. The president thus continues with the purge against charges of National Security (DHS) that began after the elections .

In the tweet announcing the firing, the president questioned Krebs’ integrity and work and again questioned (without evidence) the elections . The social network warned that “this statement about electoral fraud is controversial,” as it has been doing for a week with the messages that the president publishes on the subject.

The impeachment of Krebs, director of the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, comes after the agency declared the elections to be the safest in history .

The statement confronted the unsubstantiated accusations of electoral fraud that Trump insists on and which most of the Republican party has joined. The president’s legal team has sued the process in key states.

” There is no evidence that any voting system has eliminated or lost votes , has changed votes or has been compromised in any way,” said the agency last Thursday in a joint statement with agencies across the country such as the National Associations of electoral directors of the states.

The former director confirmed that he had been fired by tweeting: “It has been an honor to serve. We did it well. Defend the present, secure the future ”.

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