Best 90th Birthday Party Ideas to Help you Celebrate | Birthday party ideas for grandparents

Birthday party ideas Grandparents

A 90th birthday is a major milestone, and it deserves to be celebrated. So whether you’re celebrating with friends and family at home, going out to a nice restaurant, or anything else – you want to make your loved one feel special. So if you’re looking for some fun 90th birthday party ideas, we’re here to help. Check out our top ideas below to get your party planning started.

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90th Birthday Party Ideas

From elegant dinner parties to a mid day tea party with loved ones, we’ve lined up our top picks for 90th birthdays below:

1. A Meaningful Gift – Birthday party ideas

An elderly grandmother celebrating birthday with family and receiving a gift box.

Gift them something special for their 90th. From personalized keepsake boxes to custom jewelry, there’s something perfect for everyone. For specific ideas, make sure to check out our personalized gifts or visit our resource on Unique Birthday Present Ideas.

2. Fun Birthday Party Games – Birthday party ideas Grandparents

A family playing a party game after dinner.

Party games help ensure that everyone enjoys the party, so it’s important to pick the right ones. Visit our resource on 40 entertaining party games to find the perfect games for your 90th birthday.

3. Dinner Party – Birthday party ideas Grandparents

A senior man with multigeneration family and a cake celebrating birthday on an indoor party.

Planning a dinner party is perfect if the guest of honor prefers a meal spent with their closest loved ones over a larger party. Fill the menu with their favorite foods and desserts for a birthday they’re sure to love.

4. Unique Birthday Cake –Birthday party ideas

Cream filled sponge birthday cake with candles balloons and streams for a 90th birthday party.

Change up the traditional birthday cake for something more personalized to the guest of honor. For example, if they love donuts, make a donut bar and display. Or if they’re more of a pie fan, make sure to feature a variety of pastries and pies on the dessert table.

5. Flowers – Birthday party ideas Grandparents

Daughter is giving flower to her mother for her birthday.

Flowers are a universally loved gift as well as an elegant decoration. Adding a bouquet or two to your 90th birthday will help brighten the space, and the guest of honor is sure to appreciate it. Just make sure that you purchase flowers that are appropriate for the occasion. Some types of flowers carry unintended meanings that aren’t right for a celebration.

6. Birthday Photo Shoot – Birthday party ideas Grandparents

Smiling young teenager girl is taking selfies of herself and her grandmother while the woman holds a gift and a bunch of flowers.

Capture the joy of the 90th celebration with a fun day of photo shoot. Consider setting up a photo book with fun props and signs, or just fill the frame with all the honoree’s loved ones. These photos will definitely make it into an upcoming family photo album.

7. Family Face Time | 90th Birthday party ideas

Granddaughter helps Grandma video call family.

Get face time with family and friends who weren’t able to make it to the party with a video calling service. It’s a great way to include people virtually at the party, and the guest of honor will appreciate the additional friendly faces.

8. Tea Party | Birthday party ideas

Grandkid and grandmother at tea party.

If you’re planning the 90th birthday party during day time hours, consider throwing a tea party. This elegant party theme is a perfect way to celebrate a loved one in a relaxing environment. Ask guests to come dressed up, provide a wide selection of their favorite teas, and enjoy!

9. Photo Book – Birthday party ideas Grandparents

Happy children sitting on sofa with grandpa holding a photo album.

Feature a photo book full of memories and highlights of the guest of honor’s life achievements and family events. Both the honoree and guests will love looking through the memories, making it a great conversation starter.

10. From the Grandkids – Birthday party ideas

Girl's hands writing wish on handmade postcard near bouquet of yellow fresh tulips.

Have grandkids help with the decorating. Giving them the chance to add their own special touch is sure to brighten grandpa or grandma’s day. Whether it’s with hand picked flowers, a card, or a special gift, their contribution will be well appreciated.

11. Garden Birthday Party

Family celebration outside in the backyard. Big garden party for a birthday.

If weather permits, try throwing a garden party. Garden parties make sure fun, casual environments for loved ones to celebrate together. Include plenty of hors d’oeuvres, refreshing drinks, and cheerful party decor for a fun event everyone will love.

90th Birthday Decorations

Once you’ve picked your location, date, and guest list, it’s time to pick your party decorations. So we’ve found our favorite color options, centerpieces, and decor for you below:

12. 90th Birthday Color Options

Chocolate birthday cake with purple frosting and candles.

When you’re ready to start decorating, you’ll need to pick a color to feature in the party decorations. The following colors look great for everything from streamers, balloons, to banners to table runners:

  • Purple, Silver, and White
  • Gold
  • Pastels
  • Their Favorite Color

13. Elegant 90th Birthday Decorations – Birthday party ideas Grandparents

A string of fairy lights and a chandelier with candle hanging in-between trees.

Throwing a more elegant celebration? Check out our elegant 90th birthday decoration recommendations below for ideas on what to include in your party:

  • String lights
  • Lace table runners
  • Flowers
  • Candles

14. 90th Birthday Centerpieces – Birthday party ideas

Cupcake centerpiece for birthday with pink frosted cupcakes, decorated with hearts, and tulips.

When it comes to centerpieces, you’ll want to keep it relatively simple and cheerful. Great centerpieces for birthdays include flowers, cakes or desserts, and lights. Memory boards, gifts, and seasonal elements also all make great centerpiece additions.

Other 90th Birthday Party Supplies

Before the party starts, make sure you have all the birthday party supplies you need. Find our top picks for 90th birthday party invitations and party favors below.

15. 90th Birthday Party Invitation IdeasA 90th birthday party invitation from Birthday.

The birthday invitation is the first look at your party, so you’ll want to make sure they’re just right. Double check that all important information like the date, location, time, and requests are clearly stated on the invites. Additionally, make sure your invitation matches your party theme by picking out the perfect 90th birthday party invitations.

16. 90th Birthday Party Favors

Custom paper weight for a birthday party favor.

When it’s time to send the guests home, it’s important to leave them with a reminder of the party. Check out the following 90th birthday party favor ideas below. Pick your favorite, or use them to inspire an idea all your own.

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