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Tom Hanks.

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Actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, Those who tested positive for coronavirus last March and had to deal with a tough recovery process while complying with the mandatory quarantine in Australia, have already made clear on more than one occasion their intention to receive one of those vaccines against the disease that , in United States, They will be distributed this week by the pharmaceutical companies Pzifer and Moderna.

However, the Hollywood star has indicated in his last interview that, like the rest of the citizens, both will wait as long as necessary in order to administer their doses, since he understands that the most vulnerable sectors of the population -In the beginning, patients with serious pathologies, elderly people and members of the healthcare community- they must have absolute priority in the process.

Yes, but we will receive it long after it has been given to the people who really need it. In the meantime, we will do our best to prevent transmission in this second wave of Covid-19.“, Has indicated the Oscar-winning interpreter as he passed through the television program ‘Today’, in which he also recalled that, during his convalescence last spring, the marriage had to endure“ ten frankly difficult days ”.


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