Three states spark cardiac election: Trump and Biden fight every vote

The president and his challenger face tight competition. Results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are delayed and leave the election in the air

President Donald Trump manages to keep Florida, one of the key states, but the electoral fight against challenger Joe Biden continues in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania .

President Trump also achieved Ohio, an entity traditionally won by whoever wins the presidential election.

So far, Democrat Biden has 223 Electoral College votes to President Trump’s 192 , but it is still early to call a victory or defeat. The surprise has been Arizona , recognized for the Democrat.

“We are seeing an incredibly close contest and the margin will be very little,” said Laura Rodríguez, an expert in public policy and electoral processes at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Saleha Mohsin of Bloomberg News indicated that Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania would not give results tonight, according to information from the Election Committees of those entities. The second state needed until Friday.

Rodríguez announced that Florida had had a high participation of Latinos, where President Trump’s campaign focused its strategy on spreading fear of “socialism” and “communism” among a community of voters of Cuban and Venezuelan descent, who have suffered regimes considered socialists.

“It was a negative campaign, to scare them with the issue of Biden’s socialism, but hey, anyone who knows him knows that it is not … although many people are afraid of the Democratic Party for that idea,” he said.

Rodríguez acknowledged that at least in Florida, President Trump could win more Latino vote, but he ruled out that the same phenomenon occurs at the national level. The latest Telemundo poll showed that Biden would receive 62% of those voters and the Republican 29%.

Possible battle in court

Given the close results being projected, the possibility of both teams’ legal teams facing court battles is looming.

“I feel like we are going to be fighting in various states,” Rodríguez said. “We are going to see lawyers from both campaigns who are going to want to count votes … some battles have merit and others do not . 

President Trump’s campaign sent his supporters by mail requests for funds to “defend the election”, claiming that the Democrats “will not recognize” the victory.

“This day has been historic. We are going to win and we are going to win big ”, he indicated. But, the fake news media and its Democratic partners will refuse to acknowledge it. They will try to do whatever it takes to prevent us from winning, and that is why I need you to step forward… We have to fight! “

He added that the final results would take longer, although the good news is that there were no violent mobilizations in the country, despite the fact that at least 24 states deployed National Guard elements.

“For now we are seeing more or less a peaceful, well-organized election,” he said.

Biden had been recognized, among others, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois, Colorado and New Mexico.

Meanwhile, President Trump had prevailed in Florida, North Dakota and South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina and West Virginia.

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