Thousands of women protest against the judge nominated by Trump for the Supreme Court

Women who marched in cities across the country were joined by many men

WASHINGTON – Thousands of women, and the odd men, protested this Saturday in various cities across the country against the nomination of ultra-conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett , openly opposed to abortion, to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court made by President Donald Trump , before the elections.

Such is their outrage that the Women’s March , which has normally been held in January since Trump’s inauguration on the 20th of that month in 2017, has decided to organize a special edition just 17 days before the general elections, in which the President is up for re-election, and in the middle of Barrett’s confirmation process in the Senate, which will almost certainly be endorsed on October 26 in the House plenary session.

The main demonstration took place in Washington DC, where the participants concentrated in Freedom Plaza to march shortly after around the Capitol and finish in the Mall, the monumental esplanade that connects the headquarters of Congress with the White House.

Trump and Senate Republicans, where they have the majority, have accelerated the process to confirm Barrett before the election, following the death in September of progressive Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg , a pioneer of feminism and reproductive rights.

At the march were many people holding campaign posters for Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris , a candidate for Vice President.

In parallel to the march in Washington, the organizers called this Saturday similar protests in some 400 points throughout the country, with instructions such as wearing a face mask and maintaining social distance to protect themselves from COVID-19.

In parallel to this protest, the organization Voice of Independent Women gathered in front of the Supreme Court, in the capital, a rally in support of Barrett, under the slogan “I’m with her.”

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