Thousands of Lakers fans ignore and celebrate outside the Staples Center

The city government had asked the public not to forget that the pandemic is not over.

Los Angeles authorities have been insisting in recent days that Lakers fans avoid going out on the streets to celebrate if the team won the NBA championship . Many of the fans ignored it.

Video footage on social media showed a crowd gathered outside the Staples Center Sunday night after the Lakers won their 17th title after defeating the Miami Heat in game six of the NBA Finals.

Unfortunately, many of the euphoric fans were not wearing their face masks, making the celebration a potential hotbed for the spread of the coronavirus .

In addition to the thousands of fans on the street of Figueroa, some drivers appeared making maneuvers in their cars in the area and there were also some fireworks.

City Hall, the most iconic building in downtown Los Angeles, was lit up in purple and gold.

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