They found wedding ring in Halloween candy and are looking for the owner

Among the many candies she received for Halloween, she found a wedding ring.

A family from Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada is trying to find the owner of a wedding ring they found in a child’s bag of candy on Halloween night.

Gillian Lahoda said that her son, Niko , did not realize until the end of the night that someone had apparently dropped his wedding ring in the bag where the trick-or-treat candy was deposited.

According to Lahoda, Niko visited dozens of homes during the candy collection. He was three hours from house to house and he does not know when the ring fell into his bag.

The mother said that at the moment she is keeping the details of the appearance of the ring secret so that the rightful owner can describe it and thus prove that he is the true owner.

“I suppose if someone is missing a ring, they will find out or soon find out,” he told CBC News . “If I reveal what the ring looks like, how would I know that the person was telling me the truth?”

The family has put up posters in the neighborhood and Valier Elementary got involved by posting about the missing ring on social media.

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“One of our students found a wedding ring in her trick or treat bag. You would like to return it to its rightful owner. Can you help us? ”The school tweeted.

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