They find a bottle with a message and the ashes of a man

The message was found by a group of friends who are members of a fishing club

A group of friends, fishing on a North Carolina beach, ended up finding something more unusual than a fish: a message in a bottle containing the ashes of a man.

Kelly Bergenstock told UPI that she was fishing with Dana Hedgepath and Tricia Bonday , her fellow fishing team members, when she came across something in the sand.

“I saw there was a bottle right next to my foot and I immediately thought there was a message inside. I always wanted to find something like that, “Bergenstock told the Outer Banks Voice.

They carried the bottle to the truck and opened it. While using pliers to pry the note out, Bergenstock noticed that the bottle also contained what appeared to be cremation ashes .

It turned out that the note was written by a woman whose husband, Scott Lovett McKinney , died in 2018.

The guys did some research online and were able to contact McKinney’s widow, Camille Halley.

Halley told them that McKinney liked to go sailing and that he would often toss his own messages in bottles in the hope that someone would find one.

“He always wanted someone to find one of his bottles. So he fulfilled his wish, but in reverse, ”Halley said.

The group of friends threw the McKinney bottle into the ocean after taking some photos of their find.

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