These are the cities that suffered the most from the great snowstorm on the East Coast | The State

The snowfall was great in Massachusetts.

Photo: Scott Eisen / Getty Images

A major winter storm paralyzed the east coast of the United States Wednesday night and throughout Thursday.

In cities like New Yorkk Up to nine inches of snow was accumulated, but in other towns there were records of accumulation.

According to Weather Channel the towns that received the most snow were:

Newark Valley, New York: 44.0 ″

Litchfield, Pensilvania: 43.0″

Binghampton, Nueva York: 41.0″

Vestal, New York: 41.0 ″

Endwell, New York: 40.0 ″

Chaos in the region

Snow and strong winds hit much of the US east coast, including many of its major cities such as Philadelphia or Boston, and continued to leave significant rainfall in the New England region.

Bad weather affected transport throughout the area, with more than 1,700 flights canceled on Thursday in the United States, according to the air traffic portal Flightaware, and with limitations in the number of trains that connect several large cities and their suburbs.

Snow also caused numerous accidents on the roads, including one with two fatalities in Pennsylvania and another in New York City that left half a dozen hospitalized people.

The authorities of several states, for the second day in a row, asked to avoid non-essential travel.

“I have traveled several areas today, and I tell you it is not safe. They shouldn’t be out there if they don’t have to be, “he said at a press conference. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo.


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