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This behavior can only be seen in wolf spiders.

Michael Willinger / Pexels

If there is an image that sums up a horror scene for many, it is this: a spider carrying dozens of young on its back. Despite how creepy it may seem, this behavior is not very common to see in spiders, but it is it is characteristic of wolf spiders.

The wolf spider is the only spider in the world that does this. It is also the only one that carries their eggs in a spherical sac that they carry hanging from the posterior and lower end of the abdomen and, when they hatch, they carry the young on their back until they make their first molt.

In Queensland, Australia, Carla Jewell, a 47-year-old woman, found one of these spiders while gardening at home.

The woman was struck by the strange appearance of the spider and decided to start recording her camera when she discovered that what was moving on her back were no more and no less than 50 tiny spiders.

“It was not the first time I had seen these spiders in the same area of ​​the garden with their young,” Carla told Europa Press.

After mating, the female wolf spider looks for an isolated and covered place to lay her eggs. Females lay approximately 100 or more eggs, which they wrap in a silk sac. Once the eggs have hatched, the wolf spider carries its young on its back for several days, just as the spider in the image does.

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