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Aleida Nunez had a spectacular year. Through his Instagram account, he shared with his 3 million instant followers that thousands fell in love. And to give you an idea, we leave you your most successful photos of the last 11 months.

9. Silver bikini

No doubt Aleida Núñez looks spectacular in bikinis and this photograph is the proof. His fans gave him more than 140 thousand “likes” for this selfie that did not leave much to the imagination.

8. On your back

With this look on animal print showed her sensual rear. The mini bikini made her take thousands of comments and more than 144 thousand likes.

7. Sexy in the pool

Aleida was shown in a full bathing suit and she looked amazing. His fans gave him more than 148 thousand likes and in the comments they asked him for the secret of his figure.

6. Very athletic

With this selfie he showed his steel abs and got 157 thousand likes. The artist has always boasted of leading a fitness life and with this snapshot it shows.

5. Beautiful curves

Sitting in the pool Aleida showed off her beautiful hourglass figure. The image took 158 thousand “likes”.

4. Sunbathing

More than 159 thousand “likes” received this image of Aleida sunbathing. The actress again showed how well he holds up at 39.

3. Daring body

With a nude colored body the actress aroused the lowest passions and for her publications she got more than 160 thousand “likes”.

2. On the beach

His second image with the most likes of the year was this one where he appeared on the beaches of Cancun wearing a mini bikini color rosa.

1. In white mini dress

This image of Núñez in a white mini dress received more than 171 thousand “likes” and it became his most successful photograph of the year. The actress showed off her beautiful legs and looked amazing.

Aleida Núñez shows off her tiny bikini posing on her back in the middle of the sea

Aleida Núñez drinks coffee while showing off her shapely legs in a swimsuit


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