The risky photo of Laura Vignatti in underwear that causes sighs

The telenovela actress raises the temperature of Instagram

Laura Vignatti is one of the stars of “La Mexicana y El Güero”. The Argentine-born actress has been a surprise in the world of music with hits like “Amor Sin Fronteras” and “Un Día Más”.

Not only is Vignatti talented in music and acting, but also in modeling. Laura, who rose to world fame thanks to her participation in the telenovela ” My Husband Has a Family “, has been seen as very provocative on Instagram.

For Thursday’s TBT, Vignatti shared a highly sensual photo that left all his fans speechless. In the photo is the global star in her underwear and posing in a very sexy way.

Vignatti showed his entire figure to the delight of the pupil of his most fervent fans. The temperature of the digital platform undoubtedly rose before such an image where Laura shows off her curves.

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