The real reason Igor Lichnovsky left Cruz Azul is revealed

His departure surprised everyone, but there was an important reason behind.

The departure of Igor Lichnovsky from Cruz Azul caused surprise and anger among La Machine fans. The Chilean player was an immovable part of Robert Dante Siboldi’s team, so his signing with Al Shabab of Saudi Arabia fell like a bucket of cold water.

However, the real reason why Lichnovsky decided to leave the club was revealed today.

According to the information in the Sancadilla column, published in the newspaper Reforma, Igor Lichnovsky would have sought his renewal with Cruz Azul , since his contract expired in the summer of 2021 and in December he could negotiate his departure with another team, so he was in time to look for a contract extension.

In the column it is reported that Igor Lichnovsky communicated to the Cruz Azul board of the Al Shabab offer, seeking a renewal with the club.

Lichnovsky asked for an extension for two more years and a salary increase, but the situation did not please the celestial board, who considered it was not the time to talk about a renewal, since there was still a tournament to go.

In his farewell message, the Chilean made it clear that the cement team had not valued him, so it seems he was referring to the status of the renewal of his contract.

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