The incredible reaction of an African teenager when trying chocolate for the first time | The State

The incredible reaction of a teenager who tastes chocolate for the first time in his life was recorded in a video that quickly went viral throught social media.

In the pictures you can see a young African, Although it is not specified from which country, while slowly cutting pieces of a tablet from the delicacy. Then have a bite to eat, taste the flavor, and smile for the camera.



♬ Slow Dancing in The Dark (imasgrohn Remix) – Joji

The video was posted a few days ago by the user @goodfromb on his TikTok account and has already been seen by more than 69 million people.

Due to the popularity of the clip, days later, the same user decided to tell “a little more” about the story behind the video. Keeping the mystery, he published a video with the same young man, while the African strokes his beard.


Soon his life will change🌍🌱 video from: @ masha.davay edit by me # goodfromb # shilohdynasty # africa # model # rivers

♬ original sound – GOODFROMB

The publication was accompanied by an enigmatic phrase: “Soon his life will change”, implying that the chocolate that he shared was the first that the young man ate in his life.


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