The EU placed the responsibility for the trade agreement on Britain

The European Union (EU) has now shifted the responsibility of the trade agreement to the UK. He said Britain should see how it moves forward in the interests of both sides. Because if a trade agreement is not reached between the two sides, there will be a loss of one trillion Euros (Rs 86 lakh crore) annually. The conference of the leaders of the 27 member countries of the European Union started in Brussels on Thursday by wearing face masks and creating physical distance. The leaders insisted on adequate discussions with the UK for a trade agreement.

“We want a trade agreement but not at all costs,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It should be a transparent and clean agreement with space for the interests of both parties. Every effort should be made for this. “Because of Brexit (Britain’s secession from the EU), we will not allow the interests of our fishermen to be sacrificed,” said French President Emmanuel Macron. If we do not reach the right conclusion through negotiations, we are ready not to have any kind of agreement with the UK in the future.

The Prime Minister of Ireland Michael Martin said that the UK should reach an agreement with the EU by completing the negotiation process within the time limit as this agreement has become more necessary in view of the Kovid tragedy. The rest of the EU leaders also demanded that the UK take the necessary steps to pave the way for a trade agreement. Let it be known that the right to fish in the sea is one of the main reasons for the stalemate between the EU and the UK. The UK wants other countries’ fishermen not to come into its maritime borders while the EU wants to keep everyone’s movement at sea. So the European Union (EU) has now put the responsibility of the trade agreement on the UK.

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