The 5 hottest photos of Zac Efron to celebrate his 33 years

Through time, movies, and even pounds, the actor has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most coveted Hotties

For those born in the 90’s, Zac Efron undoubtedly became their first crush while starring in High School Musical . However, and although he may be in his youth, the handsome gallant is celebrating his first 33 years of life today.

For that reason, and to celebrate it big, we share this recreational account of his five hottest photos of recent years, where you can see that the actor has aged like good wines.

1. Beautiful Scenery

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May your holidays be epic. 🎄#happyholidays

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Beyond the many roles he has played to distinguish himself from his portrayal of Troy Bolton, Efron has stood out for his profile as a traveler, traveling the recesses of the planet and showing his incredible form in passing.

2. Life is tastier at Sea

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Breaks over. Back on the grind.

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Among his many adventures, he has discovered surfing as one of his favorite hobbies, and his most loyal fans have not missed how good he looks wet from the sea in his favorite surfer suit.

3. Climbing to Success

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Happy Friday— Let’s go!🚀🚀🚀

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Regardless of the moment, seeing Zac Efron shirtless is always serious. But when climbing mountains, walls or any other challenge, the famous one makes it clear that perseverance is what counts.

4. Sauna

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♨️ 🙏 @clearlightsaunas100

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In addition to being an actor and traveler, he has stood out in recent times for becoming a promoter of environmental causes and healthier lifestyles, as well as sustainable ones for the ecosystem.

5. Weight doesn’t matter

And, despite the fact that he has been very young in recent times for having gained a few pounds, the handsome Hollywood heartthrob has made it clear that that does not make him nearly less attractive.

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