The 4 priorities of Biden and Harris in the first days of Government

Democrats reveal project through their transition team

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris unveiled the main issues they will address as they start their government: COVID-19, economic recovery, racial conflicts and climate change.

The Democrat’s transition team launched a portal on the actions that will be taken, while they outline some names to occupy their close circle, including their chief of staff, who could be Ron Clain, according to a report by Bloomberg News .

“Transition efforts are focused on determining implementation options for policies, developing administration programs for federal agencies, and selecting staff to serve in the administration,” the Democrat’s team said. “The Biden-Harris administration… will prioritize the following core values: diversity of ideology and backgrounds; talent to tackle the most complex challenges of society; integrity and the highest ethical standards to serve the American people and not special interests; and transparency to gain confidence at each stage ”.

During his campaign, the president-elect maintained a coherent message about what his priorities would be , which are tied with his plan revealed this Sunday.

The Pandemic

In presidential debates, Biden confronted President Donald Trump about his actions against the coronavirus pandemic and claimed that his administration would prioritize the vision of scientists.

In accordance with this message, it indicates that “science will be listened to”, in addition to “guaranteeing that public health decisions are informed by professionals” in the matter; It will promote transparency, as well as ensure that all Americans have access to regular, reliable, and free testing.

Among the actions are doubling COVID-19 testing sites and establishing a Pandemic Testing Board similar to the Roosevelt War Production Board, he said, in order to mobilize at least 100,000 people across the country.

In addition to the investment of $ 25,000 million dollars for the distribution of vaccines.

“President-elect Joe Biden is taking responsibility and giving states, cities, tribes, and territories the critical supplies they need,” says the transition team.

Priority, he points out, includes “disproportionately vulnerable populations,” in addition to maintaining updated CDC guidelines on how to apply social distance without affecting the country’s operation, including precise indications on opening or closing businesses, such as bars, restaurants, as well as schools.

He will also ask Congress to approve emergency aid so that schools have additional resources, as well as funds for small businesses.

Economic recovery

This aspect ties in with the first, since the country’s economic problems intensified the coronavirus pandemic, affecting the Latino and black communities, mainly.

“Before COVID-19, too many families were struggling to make ends meet and too many parents were concerned about their children’s financial future,” acknowledges Biden.

Its economic reconstruction plan proposes that these disadvantaged communities find themselves with a better economic position when overcoming the pandemic.

“An economy in which all Americans enjoy fair pay for their work and the same opportunities to get ahead,” he said.

The project aims:

  • Funds for state, local and tribal governments for educators, firefighters and other essential workers
  • Extension of unemployment insurance during the pandemic
  • A restart package for businesses and entrepreneurs

Racial differences

The Biden-Harris duo focused part of the campaign on the country’s racial problems, which lead to other types of inequalities, including economic, among communities “of color”, including Native Americans.

The Democrats’ racial project ties in with the economic recovery, as it seeks to promote equal pay to reduce socioeconomic differences.

“Multiple overlapping crises reinforce how far we have to go to achieve that vision,” he acknowledges. “The pandemic has highlighted racial disparities in health and health care.”

His plan includes, among other aspects:

  • Boost public-private investment through a new small business opportunities plan
  • It will reform opportunity zones
  • Improve the integration of companies in federal purchases
  • Securing an affordable housing plan
  • Promote retirement security and financial wealth for Black, Latino, and Native American families
  • Ensuring that workers of color are fairly compensated and treated with dignity

Climate change

In the first presidential debate, Biden was questioned about a climate change plan and his adherence to the New Green Plan and assured that he has his own project, although he outlines various aspects of that strategy.

In his campaign he maintained a constant message about the importance of protecting the environment and tackling climate change, given the impact it has on communities with climatic phenomena of greater impact, such as hurricanes and storms.

The Democrat will rejoin the US into the Paris Agreement , from which President Trump removed the nation.

“Not only will it re-commit the United States to the Paris Agreement on climate change, it will go much further,” the transition team said. “He is working to lead an effort for all major countries to raise the aspirations of their national climate goals.”

His efforts in the field include infrastructure, improving the automotive industry, better access to zero-emission public transportation, modernizing buildings to save energy and promoting sustainable housing.

“It will drive drastic cost reductions in critical clean energy technologies, including battery storage, negative emissions technologies, next generation building materials, renewable hydrogen and advanced nuclear power,” the plan states.

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