Taylor Swift lends song ‘Only The Young’ to Joe Biden Campaign

The Singer supports Biden in the US presidential elections

Taylor Swift approved the use of her song, “Only the Young”, for a new propaganda of the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden .

A source confirmed to Variety that the interpreter allowed the use of her theme, which appeared in the documentary Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, for the video that circulated this Friday on social networks.

The propaganda clip shows images of important moments from the last four years of the administration of President Donald Trump , such as the demonstrations of the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements.

While in the background the lyrics are heard: “And the important man and all his bad clan, their hands are stained red, how quickly they forget.”

In addition, it shows videos of young people voting and protesting in the streets.

“Only the Young” was a song that Swift wrote, after the 2018 US elections, for her documentary.

The singer, who supported Trump in the past, changed her political position and has promoted the vote against the current President among her followers.

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