Study: Coronavirus Attacking Based On Blood Group

There is news of relief for those with COVID-19 blood type O. In fact, research has shown that people of this blood group have a lower risk of epidemic Covid-19 than other people.

London, IANS: New research claims that people with the ‘O’ blood group have a lower risk of covid-19 infection and are less likely to have a serious condition if they get sick. A study published in the journal Advance states that people with the ‘O’ blood group have a lower risk of covid-19 infection. For this, the research team compared the health registry data of Denmark with a control group. There were more than 22 lakh people in this group while in the health registry data there were more than 4 lakh 73 thousand people who came for the Covid-19 test. Among those found to be Covid-19 positive, they found fewer people with blood group ‘O’ while more people with blood group ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘AB’.

Blood group O of about 48% of the population in UK-Australia

Explain that there are four blood groups A, B, AB and O. O is the most common blood group. About 48 per cent of the population in the UK and Australia have blood group O. However, it is still a mystery how it reacts differently to blood group. Torben Barrington of the University of Southern Denmark reported that the research did not show a significant difference in the rate of infection between ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘AB’ type people.

The spike protein of the corona virus is dangerous

James McFadyen, a senior research fellow at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Australia, said blood group effects have also been seen in the likelihood of infection or reaching a critical level. Extensive study of this finding at an early stage may also help in finding a cure for corona. McFadden says the corona virus contains a spike protein, which attaches rapidly to a cell and infects it.

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