Student comments on Zoom that her teacher is handsome without realizing that she has the mike on

It is common to make mistakes during Zoom meetings, there are many people who are getting used to studying and working online

Although many school-age children are back in the classroom, many higher education students find themselves attending virtual classes online.

It can be a struggle to stay motivated and interact with teachers and classmates in the same way on the computer, but in some cases, there are extra perks to pay attention , as one student discovered.

The young woman, seeing her new teacher, could not help commenting on how attractive and handsome he seemed. He did so thinking that he did not have the audio activated, but it was on and everyone heard his comments.

The funny video has accumulated millions of views on social media.

The video on TikTok shows the student commenting, “This man is so sexy, are you kidding me? I will listen to everything you say ”.

Then he gasps when he realizes that his microphone has not been muted and the teacher has been sitting quietly listening to his “personal contribution” to the class, as well as everyone else on the call.

The student was completely mortified and the video received more than five million views and 8,000 comments.

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