“Sometimes footballers don’t decide where to go”: Oswaldo Sánchez reveals how he was kicked out of Chivas

The former Goalkeeper won the nickname “San Oswaldo” with Guadalajara

Oswaldo Sánchez is one of Chivas’ most emblematic goalkeepers. However, his departure was still remembered with some resentment by Guadalajara fans .

Today, the former footballer and now a commentator details how he was kicked out of the team of his loves.

“San Oswaldo” announced that in 2006, before playing the playoffs that marked the start of the Guadalajara title 11, the board decided to remove him despite the fact that he still had a current contract.

“It was 2006, despite the fact that I was experiencing a great individual moment, in Chivas we felt on the tightrope, since we had not had the best season and our position in the Liguilla depended on our role in the playoffs. Right there they call me from the Chivas board to let me know that I was no longer part of the team’s plans for the next tournament, ”he wrote on Twitter.

“I understood nothing, I still had a current contract and all I did was ask for patience since I had faith that we could advance and be champions, but unfortunately the decision was made. We advanced to the final, but a few hours after playing against Toluca, I received a call from the president of Santos to tell me that the team was at my disposal. At that moment I could not answer, I only asked that they let me concentrate on the match that was about to be played, since I was very excited to be champion ”, he recalled”.

“At the end of the call, I received another, this time from a Tigres manager with the same message, to which I replied exactly the same. You can’t imagine all the distractions I had. On the one hand, I was about to play a Final with the team of my loves, while on the other hand I was thinking that I could be playing my last game and that the next game I would possibly be defending other colors ”.

“We won that Final playing brilliantly. Each of my teammates did their part and I did my best. There are times when people have to find out about certain things firsthand, how today they find out about the process of my departure from Chivas. Sometimes footballers do not decide where to go and that is what happened in that winter of 2006. Even so, I will always remember my last game with Chivas, I raised the eleventh as captain and that is a memory that nothing and no one can erase from me. heart “, concluded Oswaldo Sánchez.

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