Simon Cowell pays more than $ 100,000 to brand new luxurious and exclusive teeth

After the serious accident that almost left him paralyzed, the producer is determined to renew himself at all costs

The music producer Simon Cowell, creator and judge of television formats such as ‘X Factor’, is currently out of work due to the severe fall he suffered last summer after testing his new electric bicycle without having previously read the instructions.

Taking into account that he has not stopped making great strides in his rehabilitation process, it is understandable that the employer has taken advantage of his convalescence period, now that he can walk with some normality, to focus on some pending issues, such as comprehensive reform of your teeth. In fact, according to the TMZ news portal, Cowell would have undergone a complex procedure to brand new and immaculate teeth.

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Sources from his environment have revealed to the aforementioned medium that the producer recently contacted the prestigious cosmetic dentist Michael Apa for the replacement of both his upper and lower veneers, a task that has finally led to the replacement of a good part of your teeth.

In total, the three-hour procedure would have cost the Briton about $ 110,000, but in return, he will now wear a literally perfect smile, albeit with a touch of natural color that stands in stark contrast to the nuclear and excessively bright white that characterizes it. other celebrities who don’t seem to care much about the artificiality of such an aesthetic choice.

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