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Thalía does not forget her origins and her home in Mexico City.

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Although today it enjoys great luxuries in the United States, life was not always easy for Thalia, who grew up in a popular neighborhood in Mexico City.

The actress and performer spent part of her childhood in the neighborhood of Santa María la Ribera, a site that is famous for having an imposing Moorish architecture kiosk in the center of its main park.

Despite the fact that she has been living in the American Union for more than two decades, Tommy Mottola’s wife does not forget her origins and always remembers the great moments she spent in the Mexican capital in the company of her late mother. Yolanda Miranda Mange.

“She took me to the park every Sunday to ride my bike around the Kiosco Morisco, which is a treasure of the city and all that wonder just around my house ”, declared the mother of Sabrina Sakaë and Matthew Alejandro at the time.

Thalía’s residence, known as’The House of Dogs’, It is located about a five-minute walk from the park, so it was common to see it touring its gardens.

Although the family left the neighborhood of Santa María la Ribera several decades ago, the house, marked with the number 153 of Salvador Díaz Mirón Street, is still standing, like its 27 dog sculptures, which seem to guard the access to the property.

It also preserves the image of San Martín de Porres and the Virgin of Guadalupe that adorn part of its facade. The house is located around Holy Spirit Parish, to which the interpreter of ‘Amor a la Mexicana’ used to go every Sunday.

“Around the block is the church where my mom and I always went,” Thalía recalled.

The house, which has three floors and dates from the Porfirian era, was for some time the target of urban artists, who graffitied its walls, which is why its facade no longer displays the tone that characterized it so much at the time, subtracting spectacular, but still impressive.

This is how Thalía’s house in Mexico City looks outside (Google Maps)

Although the Sodis have great memories of that house, whoever does not have them is Laura Zapata, who, even, does not know her inside, since Ernesto, Thalía’s father wanted it that way.

“The house I bought for him is not the one in Santa María la Ribera, that was La Casa de los Perros, which was called that because it has stone dogs on the façade; and I would not have bought it because I never lived there by decision of Thalía’s father ”, Laura acknowledged in an interview with Shanik Berman.

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