See how Carolina Sandoval looked before becoming ‘the queen of girdles’ and wearing wigs (PHOTO)

Poisonous has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to her outgoing and unique way of being

In recent years, Carolina Sandoval has been recognized for being at the forefront in fashion, but although now she can be seen sporting a great figure , it was not always that way.

It is true that the former presenter became better known for being part of the program ‘Suelta la Sopa’, but in reality she was already seen by other sides. The growth that the Venezuelan has had over the years has not only been professional, but according to some photos of her past that show how she was before, it has also evolved in her appearance.

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Images of the venomous a few years ago reveal that she was previously a few pounds lighter and maintained a more subtle style. Well now she constantly surprises all her followers with her seductive looks that she complements with the use of her girdles and endless incredible wigs.

Currently, Sandoval is very happy with his new project, which is a program that he broadcasts through his Instagram. There it is shown without any filters and has managed to gain the attention of thousands of followers.

Although it is not a problem for her to show herself as she is, she never misses the opportunities to highlight her beauty more and more. And that is why it has become the inspiration for many women looking to look and feel good about themselves.

The venomous does not seek to hide her true self from a few years ago, what she really wants to achieve with the use of her girdles and wigs is to give a message to all her fans that it is never bad to aspire to more and if they have the opportunity to do so, don’t waste time anymore.

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