Sebastián Yatra: “My Dream Is To Be With The Ideal Girl In 2021”

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This October 15, Sebastián Yatra is turning 26 years old and he made a space at his party, to speak exclusively with us, not only about the launch of his new song with Guaynaa , ‘Ideal Girl’ , but also about what he dreams for in 2021, whether or not he is single, and tells who Lele Pons is in his life.

“The song represents more than the ideal girl, you represent pure happiness, ideal life, ideal moment … Like it is a lot of happiness that you feel, and it also gives hope, because we made a video where we teleported to 2021, and my ideal dream It is to be with the ideal girl in 2021, at the idea party which is the one they celebrated for me on my birthday ” , Yatra begins.

Although for many this duo with the Puerto Rican Guaynaa was a surprise, the Colombian singer says that they have been friends for a long time and that even in their forties they spoke very often:

“Guaynaa and I talked to each other in quarantine, I sent him the song, he didn’t know it because he didn’t know it in Puerto Rico, he understood a lot more and said: ‘baby, I’m going with everything’… He sent me a part that blew my mind … It makes me very happy, it makes me want to move, the song is fresh, ” continues Yatra, who says that the best birthday present is that the public like it as much as he does.

Sebastián Yatra: “My Dream Is To Be With The Ideal Girl In 2021”
Sebastián Yatra and Guaynaa

Although during the first months of the pandemic, Sebastián was locked up with his family in Colombia, little by little he returned to a life, although without concerts, if with trips, but for him he says that it is important that we do not forget to learn:

“It is a different year but I think we needed it, we were coming at an unsustainable pace, and now when we return to normality, together we will be able to maintain the things that have changed for the better, in a positive sense. Because later the temptation returns, the use or the abuse, of our natural resources, of not taking care of the climate and we return to the same thing ” .

However, in his case, he does not want that tranquility, or rather his peace is precisely in not being still:

“It gives me tranquility and peace is to go from concert to concert, get on the plane, go to the hotel and see what room I am in. Look on the internet what rich restaurants the city where I go has, meet up with friends. It is very cool, because I have been a 7-year career and in many of the cities where I go I meet people there, and I have friends, “he confesses.

Lele Pons. Photo: Mezcalent

And among those friends, a very special one was added: Lele Pons, it was surprising to see them together at the time of ‘Premios Juventud’ and from there they did not separate, as if they were Siamese twins.

“I think we never thought we were going to be friends, neither she, nor me, it is as natural because we are both equally crazy, well, she is a little more crazy than me (laughs) … We think the same about many things, and we fuck life, and we bother. I get along super well with her, she seems to me to be a very authentic, fun girl… She is very rumbera, she has a super big heart, and she is well intentioned ” , he assures.

Sebastián launched ‘Ideal Girl’ on his birthday, which is already on all platforms and his intention is that the party, joy, happiness, and love return.

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