Remains Of A Latino Couple Found Who Disappeared In 2017 At Coachella

The young Couple Jonathan Reynoso and Audrey Moran disappeared more than three years ago.

Authorities confirmed this Friday that human remains found in the Coachella Valley, east of Los Angeles , correspond to a Hispanic couple who have mysteriously disappeared since May 10, 2017.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, in California, indicated that after receiving the results of the DNA tests, it was determined that the remains correspond to Jonathan Reynoso and Audrey Morán , who were 28 and 26 years old respectively when they disappeared.

“It is with great sadness that we announce that we have confirmed that the localized human remains have been positively identified as those of Audrey Morán and Jonathan Reynoso,” the institution said in a press release.

For their part, relatives of young Latinos who disappeared more than three years ago confirmed the news in messages on social networks.

My hands were shaking. Another knot formed in my stomach. And my eyes began to get wet because I knew what was coming, “said Mayra Torres Taylor, the young man’s mother, in the Facebook group” Missing Jonathan “, created after the disappearance of the couple, when she told how she received the phone call from the authorities in which they confirmed that the remains found were those of his son.

Last June, Chad Bianco, the Riverside County Sheriff, announced that after hundreds of interviews and more than 50 search warrants, it was possible to determine the site where the remains were found that authorities at the time suspected were Audrey and Jonathan.

As a result of the investigations, there are half a dozen detainees.

Manuel Ríos, 28, is charged with two counts of murder while Abraham Fregoso , 32; Adilene Inés Castañeda, 28, and Aarón Fernando Bernal, also 28, are each charged with one count of murder.

These four defendants face the special circumstance of murdering the witness to a crime, which may make them eligible for the death penalty if found guilty and the prosecution decides to seek that punishment.

Jesús Ruiz Jr., 41, and Eric Ríos, 31, are each charged with two counts of aiding and abetting murder after the fact.

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