Rashel Díaz: “When I was little and lived in Cuba, things were not given at Christmas because there was nothing” | The State

Rashel Diaz He shared on Instagram a heartfelt story of his past Christmas, when he was still living in Cuba. His reflection has reached their hearts: “When I was little and lived in Cuba, things were not given away at Christmas because there was nothing.”

It all started with a photograph in which Rashel appears hugging his father, and so the story continues with how gifts were really received in Cuba: “The usual thing was on Three Kings Day to go to a store, stand in a long queue to look for a toy that the government gave you, they weren’t the best but as a child I was always happy with that. “

“The first time that a toy dazzled me was about 7 or 8 years old, my dad sent me a beautiful doll from here, with her pink cheeks, a teat in her mouth and when he took it off, she cried !! My people, you don’t know how incredible that was to me, I’ve never seen anything like it. “

Her story continues like this: “After that I slept with her every day and I loved her for a long time, that has been my best gift in my childhood, Today I think of that girl and how it is possible that a simple little doll was able to make her so happy and I pray to God that many children had a nice Christmas, where they lack nothing and could be dazzled by their best gift this year ”.


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