Presidential Elections in the US: Trump in Florida tried to show himself healthy for votes; Here his four lies that were caught

Donald Trump began the second round of the election campaign on Monday. Last week he was infected with Kovid-19. Was admitted to the hospital and then returned to the White House. He held the first rally in Sanford, Florida. He gave a speech for more than an hour and during this time he kept trying to show himself healthy and full of energy.

Claims without evidence

Opponents of Trump are seeking proof that they have become corona negative. But at least before this rally, no evidence was provided by Trump or his camp. The president claims that he has been corona immunized. But, this is just a claim. And where is the scientific support or, say, the support of experts, needed to confirm these claims? The President says- I am feeling more powerful than before. Surprisingly, even when he was boarding a flight from Air Force One to Washington, he did not wear a mask.

And no supporters were worried, thousands gathered in Rally

So far, 2,15,000 people have lost their lives in the US due to coronavirus. For Trump, this is the biggest challenge both personally and as a president. But, his attitude is the same old and accusatory. They say – Joe Biden and the Democrat Party do not want the vaccine to come. And all its place. But, thousands of his supporters gathered at the Florida rally. Most of them did not wear a mask. The Democrats ‘rallies are small, but the Republicans’ rally attracts a large crowd.

Trump’s four lies and their truth in Florida

First lie: Sleepy Biden wants to increase tax four times.

The truth of it: In 2017, the tax was reduced. This was done from 39.6% to 37%. Biden says he wants to take the current tax rate to the old level. Apart from this, he is not in favor of other income tax in any way.

Second lie: WHO believes Trump is right. The lockdown caused losses to Democrat-ruled states.

The truth of this: Trump is distorting WHO doctor David Nobarno’s statement. Trump had opposed the lockdown in the early months of the epidemic, saying it would devastate the economy. Secondly, Doctor David said that the epidemic cannot be controlled by just partial lockdown. Along with this, he had some other things also. Trump did not mention them.

Third lie: America’s economic recovery rate is the best.

The truth of this: Trump’s assertion that America has made the best economic recovery in the world is not correct. GDP was 9.1 percent in the second quarter. The same situation happened in five G20 countries. China’s growth rate was 11.5 percent. The unemployment rate stood at 8.4 percent. This is higher than the average of 7.4 percent.

Fourth lie: In the first debate Biden is defended by the moderator.

The truth of it: Trump was referring to the first presidential debate. Moderator Chris Wallace referred to legal agencies. When Biden responded, Trump intercepted several times. Because of this, the moderator changed this topic only. Now Trump is showing this to the public as his victory and Biden’s defeat.

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