Presidential Election in America: Donald Trump said- Biden works on the gestures of China, our Government has given a reasonable answer to China

The last round of campaigning continues in the US ahead of the November 3 presidential election. President Donald Trump and the Democrats challenging him are Joe Biden, accusing each other. Trump rallied in Muskegon, Michigan on Saturday evening. Said here- The history of Democrats and Biden shows how much they value China. There is strong evidence that they work for China. We have given a reasonable answer to China on every issue.

China is a big issue

Trump said- Who does not know that China could never become a member of the WTO. But, in the era of Obama and Biden, we gave it a chance to join this organization. Today it is creating new problems for America. Biden never opposed China’s antics. This is what Obama used to do. My government took the harshest action against China so far in history. The US will never forgive China for the epidemic it has spread.

Theft technique

There are thousands of factories in Michigan. Middle class voters are more here. Trump Said- China has committed all kinds of theft. Stole even our jobs. Biden is sleepy. In 47 months, I did what Biden could not do in 47 years. If their policies were implemented, social security would end in America. They do not even oppose the China virus.

During the campaign, Trump accused a section of the media of conspiring to mislead people by falsifying Coronavirus. He said – We are watching such news. People should also ignore the rumors.

School should open

Referring to the first female member of the US Congress, IIhan Omar, Trump said – She does not love our country. He supported the restrictions. Should we close the country. That can not be. We want schools to open but Democrats oppose it.

Also held a second rally

Trump arrived in Janesville, Wisconsin after Michigan. The number of people present in the rally was very high here. Here he said- Should everything be stopped due to Chinese virus. That can not be. I want and we have also done that economic activities keep going. The corona will be overcome very soon. The special thing is that in this rally of Trump, most people neither put masks nor follow social distancing.

Discussed law and order

Trump once again took a tough stance in Wisconsin, referring to the assassination of black youth Jacob Black in the past. Said – Those who commit violence will be brought before the law at any cost. We are able to deal with what happened on the streets. Biden and Kamala Harris take law and order as a joke. How can we create an environment where the police are afraid to show strictness against criminals. Biden wants the country to have so many refugia that our people do not have a place to live here.

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