PHOTOS: “La Oficina”, the place where drug traffickers tortured and dismembered 2 indigenous children

In the neighborhood they found evidence of the terrible crime against the children Alan and Héctor

The place known as “ La Oficina” where two children identified as Alan and Héctor , 12 and 14 years old respectively, of indigenous origin and apparently tortured and dismembered by drug traffickers of the Unión Tepito Cartel, was searched by authorities of the Attorney General’s Office. of Justice of Mexico City .

During the inspection of the house located at 86 República de Cuba Street , blood stains were found as well as clothing, which possibly belonged to the minors, according to unofficial sources.

The spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Ulises Lara López indicated that both the garments and the blood remains will be analyzed as evidence to know the relationship that exists with the double homicide of minors.

Let us remember that the crime was discovered when a man carried the remains of the minors in downtown streets aboard a cargo truck .

Was explained that a subject identified as Baltazar “N” who looked after the place was arrested by the Attorney General of Justice , after the raid carried to the neighborhood where they got the severed bodies, said Ulises Lara López , spokesman for the agency .

“It has been identified that this person could possibly be the one who transported the cargo truck from the property located on República de Cuba street , Colonia Centro, to República de Chile street , where the boxes with the remains of the minors were located” , said.

“However, according to the investigation, when the boxes fell, said person returned to the searched home and in a second moment another person was arrested and later approached the truck,” Lara López explained .

The person in question is Edgar “N”, 38, who told the authorities that “he did not kill them,” that he only offered to do them a favor in exchange for drugs.

He was also the one who identified two people and pointed to the searched address as the point from which the truck with the plastic boxes that contained the bodies of Héctor and Alan left .

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