Pamela Silva’s Impact Diet (after giving birth)

How did the Univision host manage to gain very little weight during pregnancy and then regain her figure so quickly?

All women who have given birth know that it is a beautiful experience, with its good things and its bad things, obviously. It seems that the most impressive woman on Hispanic television in the United States, the beautiful Pamela Silva, the pregnancy and, above all, the baby have done her very well . If there is nothing healthier and more beautiful in the world than being a mother!

Your little Ford is already six months old and, friends, take a good look! Motherhood has only made the Univision presenter even more beautiful.

Control your weight!

The Peruvian recently declared that throughout her pregnancy she never gained 20 pounds , about 10 kilos. How? Eating regularly and not increasing portions, says the presenter. The myth of eating for two is not true, asserts Conde’s ex.

‘Pam’ also assured that a healthy and balanced diet was crucial to regain her figure in two months after giving birth.

According to, women who are expecting a child have very particular nutritional needs. Pay attention! Here are several foods that you should eat if you are pregnant: cucumber water to avoid dehydration, avocado that contains good fat similar to olive oil, quinoa very rich in protein, and broccoli, kale and spinach rich in fiber , vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A and calcium. Delicious and simple!

Pamela also disclosed that doctors advised her to take multivitamin products to get more energy and stay healthier as part of her postnatal care. Pamela stated that it is about natural supplements, prenatal vitamins, Omega, collagen, among others.

According to the article published in Bbmundo ” Multivitamins before and after pregnancy “, it is recommended to take multivitamins before and after pregnancy: they prevent malformations, prevent anemia during pregnancy and premature delivery. After pregnancy they are important for a better quality and greater quantity of breast milk, the basic food of babies for at least the first six months of life.

The 38-year-old journalist assured that she is forcing herself to eat more to precisely produce more breast milk. The intake of fruits and vegetables is also helping you to achieve your goal.

Don’t stop

It is known that Pamela Silva has always practiced a lot of sport. So much so that during the months of pregnancy the presenter of Primer Impacto kept in shape thanks to her long walks.

According to ” The exercises you can do after childbirth “, published by, it is advisable to gradually resume physical activity after being a mother. In this way it will help in the recovery of the pelvic floor and abdomen.

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