Oribe Peralta throws a tremendous stone at the fans of America

The Chivas player is already fed up.

Chivas striker and former club América Oribe Peralta released a strong statement for his former team’s fans.

Although he left Las Águilas in June 2019 to play with his greatest rival, something that generated a lot of controversy and that has not yet been forgotten, the forward said he does not care what the followers of the “Ave” say.

“I am grateful to the fans of America. When you are upset you can say anything silly and anything. I understand that they were upset, that football is a passion and that sometimes it leads you to do things you don’t want to ”.

“Whether or not they appreciated what I did while on that team, it is no longer my problem, because in the end it gave me great satisfaction and the numbers are there. The only thing I can tell you is that I thank all the people who supported me at the time I was in America, ”said Oribe Peralta .

On the other hand, Oribe is aware that he needs to have more weight in Chivas to win over the fans.

“The only way I have to do it (win over the Chivas fans) is on the pitch. Until now I have not had the minutes I want, I am trying to contribute and give what is mine for when it touches me, to be able to be prepared, “he said.

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