October snowstorm to break US Records

A wave of cold Arctic air will enter the United States on Friday and will cross the country from north to south

Coupled with the record cold expected to surge south across the central and western United States , another record-breaking snowstorm is expected to affect millions of Americans in the coming days.

This time around, the dose of winter precipitation will be directed to areas much further south, including some that typically don’t collect snow until much later in the season, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast.

Waves of snow and icy air have already reached the north and center of the country this week, but the next blast of air from the Arctic will be the coldest yet.

Temperatures will drop to their lowest levels so far this season and, in some cases, will defy records that have been held for more than 100 years, as a blast of Arctic air sweeps across the Central Plains and Rocky Mountains.

AccuWeather meteorologists expect the next storm to be one of the most disturbing so far this season for the western and central United States in the coming days.

The Arctic air mass is projected to bring record-defying cold and snow, strong winds and even the threat of severe thunderstorms in areas further east.

Since Friday

The Washington Falls, as well as the mountains in the interior of the Northwest, will be first in line Friday as the snow blows south from British Columbia.

The snow will continue to spread to the south and east, spreading into Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming on the same day and overnight.

The snow will continue to move to the southeast on Saturday, towards the Dakotas . On Sunday, the leading edge of the snowfall will continue its trek toward Colorado and the Central Plains.

Relief for Colorado is actually coming Saturday

Strong, gusty winds will also create difficult fire fighting conditions once again in northern Colorado, where the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome fires continue to burn and force evacuations.

However, by Saturday night, Mother Nature will begin helping in the battle against those fires with snowfalls in the area.

Snowfall will continue to spread on Sunday

The area of ​​snowfall from the storm will continue to spread through Sunday, expanding into the plains and even parts of the Midwest. From Nebraska to South Dakota, and even as far east as Minneapolis could have snow on Sunday.

And the cold will continue south – Snow and ice could cause major disruptions to Monday morning’s commute from Kansas City to Albuquerque .

Some parts of the drought-stricken southwest of the country may also have their first bouts of precipitation in weeks as the storm continues to slide southward next Monday.

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