Nurse becomes popular on TikTok for statements to Trump: “I have seen patients die asphyxiated”

Trump’s reaction to the coronavirus remains incomprehensible and offensive to the thousands of people who suffer from it.

A TikTok video shows a nurse crying and expressing anger at President Donald Trump’s comments that downplay the coronavirus . It has already gone viral.

User @foleyfriends, whose name is Cristina Hops , is a nurse from Seattle, CNN reported.

“I just want to say: How dare you? How dare you undermine all the work we’ve done as nurses, healthcare providers, and respiratory therapists? I’m sorry I’m having a mental breakdown because of this, ”he laments.

“I’ve seen hundreds of people suffocate to death,” Hops says later in the video. “And that he says not to fear COVID is amazing. I can not understand it”.

The video has been viewed over thousands of times and continues to grow, reflecting the sentiment of many other people and fellow nurses.

On Tuesday, the president tweeted before leaving Walter Reed Medical Center that people should not allow the virus to “take over their lives.” “We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really excellent drugs and knowledge,” Trump wrote. “I feel better than 20 years ago!”

This sparked angry reactions from many, not only because of downplaying a virus that has killed more than 210,000 and infected more than 7 million people in the country, but also because most of them did not have access to medical care. exceptional and fast that he has had.

“Not all Americans have access to the best therapies and doctors with the most advanced equipment available to the President of the United States,” wrote Dr. Eugene Gu.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could get the same care you’ve received without paying a single penny?” wrote another user. “You love universal health care when it benefits you, don’t you?”

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