Michelle Renaud reveals the way she communicates with her deceased mom constantly

The famous actress challenges the skeptics by confessing how Laura Ruesga is still present six years after her death

A little more than six years after the death of her mother and after the celebration of the Day of the Dead, Michelle Renaud says that every day she finds a way to be in contact with the woman who gave her life, although she points out that many people don’t He believes even though she has shown it to him in many ways.

Danilo Carrera’s girlfriend told the cameras of ” Hoy ” that the manifestations of the presence of Mrs. Laura Ruesga were present just a few weeks after her departure, as she was offered to be the main actress of the telenovela ” La Sombra Del Pasado” ; She also related the importance of the number 33 for her.

“Throw me crazy, but she is by my side all the time and is always present. My first leading role came a month after she died and another thing is that before the 33 had nothing to do with me, but as a result of her death I begin to see it everywhere. At first I didn’t understand what was happening, but then I told her “Mom, if it’s you and you want to express yourself, let me know more clearly,” and in that case a car with 33 license plates crossed me and I was shocked, “ said Michelle .

Finally, the actress assured that she has been in charge of instilling in her son Marcelo the traditions of her country, such as the Day of the Dead, so this year they placed their offering together to remember all those people who came forward in the path and that despite their physical absence, they will always live in their hearts.

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