McDonalds commercial divides the internet, what do you think?

Fast food restaurant wants to get the Christmas spirit back.

Many people criticized McDonald’s for its new Christmas commercial after stating that they felt “down” after seeing it.

Fans of the burger chain claimed they had shed tears over the commercial, which shows a mother trying to get her teenage son to enjoy the Christmas spirit once again.

The network released the video on November 11 and it went viral on social media.

The animated ad shows a grumpy teenager who refuses to decorate the Christmas tree . He just wants to play video games.

And as we watch his inner child rejoice in a Christmas market, he refuses to show himself externally.

Though it struggles, it begins to thaw after mother and son shop for McDonald’s food from the car, along with a bag of “reindeer treats.”

The taste of the burger brings him back to being a child and he finally relaxes and suggests they decorate the tree.

In the final scene, the family can be seen huddled on the couch surrounded by Christmas cheer.

But some viewers weren’t impressed by the ad, describing it as “depressing” and “miserable.”

One man replied, “The most depressing Christmas commercial I have ever seen.”

“I can tell that the bitter boy cheers up but the music is still miserable. Why is he so grumpy? Is the child trapped in its stomach not being fed? ”Asked a woman.

Despite these criticisms, many viewers shared their love for the ad. This multi-channel campaign. “

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