Mayo Zambada: Conservative Party would have loaned Pemex vessels for drug trafficking

According to statements by the son of Mayo Zambada, Vicente Zambada Niebla

The conservative political institute that governed Mexico for two six-year terms, the National Action Party ( PAN ) would have provided drug trafficker Ismael “ el Mayo ” Zambada , leader of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), the use of vessels from the parastatal Petróleos Mexicanos ( Pemex ) in exchange for a portion of the profits.

This was stated by the journalist and specialist in drug trafficking , Anabel Hernández during her participation in a radio program in Mexico .

Vicente Zambada Niebla , El Mayo Zambada , wrote how also a group of PAN members (members of said political party) from Pemex go with the Mayo and offer: here are the Pemex ships , which you can use to load the drugs you want, “revealed the journalist.

Anabel Hernández assured that PAN officials had told Mayo that in exchange for this he had to hand over a portion of what he sold because that would supposedly be used for electoral campaigns.

“It is very serious and that is why the case of ( Emilio ) Lozoya is fundamental, it can serve as a lesson as to whether it is really possible to continue buying governments, deputies, mayors,” continued the drug trafficking specialist .

He assured that the case of Emilio Lozoya , former director of Pemex (currently detained), generalizes a series of old practices that are used to finance electoral campaigns illegally.

“There are the alleged 100 million pesos ( $ 4,881,946 dollars ) that came to Enrique Peña Nieto’s campaign without anyone being able to verify from where. There are Vicente Fox and his friends and the millions of pesos that the Federal Electoral Institute could not even detect where they came from. And there is also Felipe Calderón , whose campaign was also tainted by a series of financing irregularities, ”stated Anabel Hernández

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