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The actress Margot Robbie has offered new details about one of its most ambitious projects to date: to once again bring the legendary Barbie doll to the big screen, but in her case, without cartoons involved and from a much more irreverent and irreverent approach. original than usual.

The protagonist of such acclaimed films as “Wolf of Wall Street” or “Mary, queen of scots” is fully aware of the responsibility she has in her hands, knowing that the famous doll of Mattel It continues to be an icon and reference for new generations, and also of the risk that comes with the turn of the screw with which it tries to expose its history and its values. In any case, the Australian would not have been involved in such a mission if she did not have something “different” and interesting to offer viewers.

“Our goal is always to surprise and break any kind of expectation. Whatever you’re thinking about it, we’re going to give you something totally different, something that you didn’t even know you wanted “, has assured The Hollywood Reporter in connection with the groundbreaking and groundbreaking character of his production company LuckyChap Entertainment. “We always like to deviate a bit from the conventional”, has ruled on a film that, in addition, will be written by the renowned filmmakers Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig.

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