Karol G exposes herself with a floss-like thong, and covers the rest of her nakedness with a teddy bear | The State

Karol G.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

Karol G, the singer of “Tusa”, the interpreter of “Secreto” with her beloved Anuel AA has been uncovered on Instagram. He uploaded three photos to Instagram. First, she models her body with a white towel over her curves, hinting that she is not wearing a bra. Then let a teddy bear cover the rest, so that its lace floss is the protagonist of the last print.

Out of shame, shame or for whatever reason Karol G has covered the eyes of his stuffed animal and also wrote: “Do not look”. Your doormat friend may have probably ignored her body, but her fans have not wanted to close their eyes for a little while and have seen her beauty on display in detail.

They have seen it so much that the publication received more than three million four hundred thousand likes. In addition, many have been the celebrities who have commented on the publication of this Colombian. The image of the singer has been liked so much that they have threatened to steal Anuel’s girlfriend.

  • mestizaofficial Verified Anuel active or I’ll knock your girlfriend down 😈🤣
  • valentinaferrer Verified I have the @ same bear I love him
  • yarishna Verified My queen that bodysuit is and what is missing I am proud of you! Many will be surprised when they see your new version! 👊🏽💯 let’s go for more !!!! 💪🔥 See you tomorrow
  • jeffhamiltonVerified🌟🌟🌟
  • reggaetontotal Verified anuel took the photo: 3


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